Welham Road Development Proposal

The Trust is currently working on an initiative to develop the area of Welham Road that bisects the Graveney school site into a third campus. The development will provide much needed extra space for Graveney students as well as offering facilities for secondary age pupils with Autistic Spectrum disorder who are resident in the borough of Wandsworth. It will also improve the security of Graveney students by reducing the potential for members of the public to gain unsupervised access to the school buildings.

This project is at an early stage of development. A firm of consultants has been employed to prepare an options appraisal which will be discussed with the Wandsworth Town Planning Department for their preliminary views on feasibility before embarking on an informal public consultation. We had hoped to begin the informal consultation in early June, however, the process has been delayed and we now expect to be in a position to discuss some very preliminary ideas with the local community and other interested parties in September/October 2015. This informal consultation will be followed by a full, formal public consultation at an appropriate time