Board of Directors

Membership of the Trust Board is as follows:

Member/Director Dr J Oppenheimer (Chair)
Member/Director Mr I Parkes (Vice-Chair)
Member/Director Mr J Katz
Member/Director Mr D Hayes
Member/Director Mr G Stapleton (CEO)
Director (Staff) Miss N Brannon
Director (Parent) Mrs J Krienke
Director (Parent) Mr J Cox
Director (Partnership) Ms H Rolfe
Director (Staff) Mr D Milligan

Board members can be contacted via the Company Secretary, Cynthia Rickman on 0208 682 7006 or via email on

The Board has established two committees: a Finance Committee and an Audit Committee. It has also established a governing body for each school.  The Scheme of Delegation from the Trust to its committees, including school governing bodies, can be found via the link below, together with the Register of Directors' business interests. 

The register of Directors' business interests is accessible via the link below.