Graveney Trust

Graveney Trust formally came into existence in April 2013 when the Secretary of State for Education approved the creation of this multi-academy trust, building on the governance arrangements that already existed for Graveney School. However, the philosophy and thinking behind the Trust came into being in early 2012, when the governing body of Graveney School were approached by the local authority with a request to open a new primary school in the Tooting area to meet a significant shortfall in primary school places.

Working closely with the local authority and with the support of schools and parents in the local area, the new primary school began to take shape with the submission of a bid to the Department for Education for funding and the agreement of the local authority to provide the former Professional Centre on Franciscan Road as a site for the new school. Tooting Primary school opened in September 2013 with two full cohorts of Reception pupils and in September 2014 was heavily oversubscribed.

The many changes in the education landscape over the last few years provide exciting opportunities for the Trust to build on its history of success as a provider of first class and cost effective outcomes for pupils and students living in the Tooting area.

More recently, the Trust has begun discussions with the governing body of Franciscan Primary School, with a view to Franciscan School joining the Trust in April 2018